baptismBaptism is a sacrament of new life that gives us our identity as Christians. In baptism we are made one with Christ in his life, death, and resurrection as we celebrate what God has accomplished for us in Jesus. At baptism we are presented before God. Adults and parents of older children seeking baptism should contact parish clergy to begin conversations exploring the possibilities, commitments and blessings of baptism. The baptism of infants and younger children is also a part of the Anglican tradition and the most often requested. It is a wonderful event as our children and adults enter the Christian family and begin their lives as disciples of Jesus, a life of many blessings. Baptism requires commitment, particularly on the part of those who journey in faith with children. All baptized do this with the support of community. We welcome those searching for a Christian congregation to make their family’s spiritual home. For more information about baptisms at the parish of Fitzroy Harbour please contact the parish office 613 623 3882.




Weddings are another celebration which is a part of life here at Parish of Fitzroy Harbour. Many people married in this parish are couples for whom the Parish of Fitzroy Harbour is their spiritual home. Also very often couples come to the Parish of Fitzroy Harbour to be married because one of them grew up here or have other family connections and are returning to their family church. At other times couples are searching for a church to be married in. Whether the couple has been in our community for many years or are relative newcomers, they may come to Fitzroy Harbour with many questions regarding details and requirements for marriage. Many of these questions are best answered in conversation with the parish clergy. A requirement prior to the wedding is that couples attend a weekend-long Marriage Preparation Course offered by the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa. Those wishing to enquire about weddings at the Parish of Fitzroy Harbour should contact the parish clergy at parish office 613 623 3882.




A Christian funeral presents us with a full range of emotions. In a time of crisis as we experience loss and hope, we are grounded in the Christian gospel. For family and close friends it is a time to celebrate a life lived and to commend a loved one to the mystery of God's eternal love. For a parish community it is a time of hospitality and ministry while at the same time we celebrate what God has accomplished for all of humanity in Jesus. Funerals at The Parish of Fitzroy Harbour are conducted according to the Anglican tradition and in the context of pastoral care. Those wishing to discuss funerals, either at a time of pre- arrangement or immediate loss, should not hesitate to contact parish clergy at 613 623 3882



St George’s Anglican Church,
Fitzroy Harbour 9:00 am
St Thomas’ Anglican Church,
Woodlawn 11:00 am

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